Josef Jobst


Josef Jobst

For me, doing art is a kind of meditation and an affirmation of life, that lifts me above the problems of everyday. My art is an expression of my life's experiences, my dreams and nightmares.
Almost all of my artwork tells a story of sorts or describes a socio-political statement or global themes, showing my sorrows about man and environment, and my way of distraction, sometimes cryptic, satirical or humorous.

Because I'm not a writer or poet I'm painting my poems or I'm composing my songs using colors as my notes.
My passion for colors let me take the artist-name "Chromosoph" (greek for "Color-Lover" or "Color-Thinker") I started as a realistic painter. Now I'm a figurative painter but I love the infinite freedom of abstractions... so most of my art now is "figurative abstraction" My artistic influences are based in the art of the early impressionists, the "School of Barbizon". Like the work of those artists, I explore the space between realistic and abstract art - in a rich and diverse stylistic texture.
My style is me (I hate classifications by categories), and yes, art must be


Lives and works in Allhaming, Austria

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