Jon Coffelt


Jon Coffelt

Coffelt is a full-time artist living and working in downtown Manhattan. He uses many different objectives to express himself including appropriation, book arts, collage, painting and sculpture. Most of his work is noted for being cerebral in nature. As a post-modernist, Coffelt considers himself a colorist above all else and tends to work with ideas of meditation, chaos and order.
Coffelt has had more than 50 solo exhibitions and over 150 group exhibitions across the country as well as internationally. (Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Japan and Italy) He has also been exhibited in TenCubed art gallery in Second Life.


Primarily, my work involves the idea of chaos from order and order from chaos through historical and personal context. As a post-modernist abstract artist, I am informed by existing aesthetic constructs that can be historically referenced. Opportunity is imbued the viewer to continue this conversation of past, present, and on-going dialogs of aesthetic theory to a uniquely personal level. By nuancing my work with color, construct, and composition, I empower the viewer's involvement to allow them to give form to the indiscriminate areas that evolve in my work. I am passionate about ideas that inform. Recently my work has taken a turn to more science-based developments such as singularities, continuums and infinities.


b. 1963, Tennessee, Tennessee
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 1986Auburn University Main Campus, Certificate
  • 1985University of Alabama at Birmingham, BA
  • 1983Middle Tennessee State University, BA
14 Maiden Lane
#5 Fifth Floor
New York , NY 10038