John Storojev


John Storojev

Born of Russian parents in Asia and having experienced WWII as a boy in bombed-out Japan, Storojev has history and memories which he incorporates into his artistic work. Educated in the US and achieved an advanced degree from Johns Hopkins Univ., Storojev worked in government and the corporate world, mainly in publishing, before settling down to his heart's desire of creating art. He pursued many courses at Brooklyn Museum Art School, Boston Fine Arts School, and at various studios where he was mentored in painting and sculpture. It was clear his talent was in sculpture and with an accelerated drive and education, Storojev amassed sufficient work to become Adjunct Professor of Art at the California Lutheran University for over a decade. He presently teaches at the California Art Institute, and takes private students at his studio. He also works on various commissions and exhibits at art fairs and galleries.


I always thought of myself as an artist, as my family was endowed with artistic talent. But it took several dead ends in various careers and fields before i came to do what was natural for me: create beautiful sculptural pieces of art. I also overcame the hurdle of being proficient in many media, such as clay, metal, stone and mixed media. This versatility allows me to create and experiment in whatever medium interests me. I like experimenting with representational as well as abstract forms to achieve a unique artistic expression. People like my copper fountains, some reaching 7 feet, and works in stone. Since I am committed to teaching sculpting and art appreciation, I am fortunate to work with many students, on the college level as well as in private sessions. This training allows me to work on art commissions of divergent and challenging types. I am truly blessed to do this type of work and create for everyone's enjoyment.

2503 Sandycreek Drive
Westlake Vllage, CA 91361