Joe Tantillo


Joe Tantillo

Fine art photographer Joe Tantillo brings together the world of the Impressionist artists of the past mixed with the world of digital photography. It is a world of lost icons, the rusted and the abandoned, rural and urban areas. A graduate of Syracuse University, Joe Tantillo began his art career in the 1970s as a painter. He then established his own graphic design firm and after a successful commercial career eventually was drawn back to his fine arts roots through digital photography. Joe has had a one-man show at the Nexus Gallery, SoHo, and has been shown in numerous galleries throughout the Hudson Valley and the Northeast. Joe has two permanent exhibits of murals in Springfield, VT. His work, including his newest pieces that blur the edge between abstract art, fantasy, painting, and photography, can be viewed on his website, www.


I started out my career as a graphic designer and an abstract expressionist painter. My graphic design work brought me into the world of digital tools and I became fluent in Photoshop. In 2000 I put this to use in my creative work and turned my attention to landscapes and nature photography. My abstract painting has always been making images from an inward viewpoint, doing photography has been the opposite and my vision of the world expanded. I am now doing abstracts using layers of the photographic images that I’ve taken over the last decade. It is an exploration of the inner and the outer world and an exhilarating experience.


b. 1952, Poughkeepsie, NY
Lives and works in Kingston, New York

  • 1974Syracuse University, BFA
88 Wrentham Street
Kingston, NY 12401