Jessica Lipsky


Jessica Lipsky

A Brownie camera was my buddy growing up.  Sunsets and people have always been in my frame and so for 30 years my camera introduced me to people and cultures I may have never met.

My camera is my sketch book.  I always have it with me, looking for composition and taking candid photographs of people.  I can sit at a cafe for hours with camera focused and ready, waiting for the perfect stranger to step into my parlor.

Over the last 50 years my collection of photos has provided me with a variety of people to sketch and paint from all over the world.  When I need to draw from life, I call my cousin Shirley or friend Cal and ask if I can come over and begin a painting.  I find it interesting that I have a waiting list of people who have  to pose for me.

Wherever I go, I find people of interest.  I have two paintings of my Hospice patient and others of children from an orphanage in Mexico.  Right now all I can envision are sunsets.  Just when I think the color blue has taken over my soul, the color purple lures me away.  And tomorrow it's all about green.  Even though I think my favorite color is purple, I realize I love red and yellow.

Painting is a meditation that takes me to the beauty of the land, big sky or into the heart of a friend.  My purpose in life is communication.  I want you to know me through my work. I want to introduce my subject to you.  I want you to know what I feel.

168 7th Street
3rd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215