Jena H Kim


Jena Kim

A theatrical stage is a virtual space, deliberately designed by objectifying the real space where daily life and specific events occur. We experience joy together with the persona that an actor plays on the stage. We also experience a sense of catharsis relieving our dissatisfaction with the real world. Likewise, paintings, as a material of thought, play a similar role. Watching a movie or a play, we have to go through a little bit of an introduction and give ourselves time to fall into the story and finally enjoy it. Similarly, to take pleasure in paintings that are the material of thought requires practice and a certain amount of time with the help of our intuition, which, perhaps, leads to the last and final stage of pleasure and of visual perception. The lines and planes in my paintings and installations express an abstract composition of a non-realistic vision. The spatial relationships are clear but changeable. The work is in flux and introduces the element of time.


b. 1973, S. Korea
Lives and works in New York, NY

323 W 39th Street
Manhattan, NY 10018