Jane Biven


Jane Biven

Atlanta, Georgia-based artist Jane Biven, is a contemporary abstract painter. She is a native Atlantan, currently working in Roswell.  Biven's large scale abstracts have been described as bold and explosive, with a dramatic color palette that can be both energizing and soothing at the same time. As a self-taught artist, working predominately in her own mixed media technique, her methods are unorthodox  Her signature style incorporates epoxy resin with various pigment. Her musically inspired paintings radiate the positive energy with which they were created. Biven's work can be found in both public & private collections worldwide.


My contemporary abstract paintings are created using my original mixed media technique, "Alternative Abstraction". Developed in 2012, my complex process combines ink and fluid acrylics with epoxy resin. Careful layering and manipulation produce vibrant abstracts, bursting with energy, with a glass-like finish. As a self-taught artist, my methods are unorthodox. Rarely will you catch me using an easel or a brush. "I don't call myself a painter...because I just spill stuff!" 

I have mastered the skills and chemistry of my medium, to further develop the process and expand its boundaries. Concentrating on the process, rather than the meaning, my spontaneous creations are purely emotional. 

  “Music is my sole (soul) inspiration. I always paint to music.
I translate the audible to visual, it's like I paint what I hear... 
Lyric and melody become color and form…
As I construct a painting like composing a song.
My paintings are visual songs or 
symphonies of color!" 

  Using only gravity, patience, and self-restraint, I describe my artistic ritual as both liberating and exhilarating. My creative experience is a freedom like no other, achieved by relinquishing control to "fluidity", or the natural path of liquid, as it flows thick or thin, into and out of other streams. Colors combining as they wish, resisting the temptation to intervene, while waiting for the perfect moment to add a mist of chemical, causing an eruption of color, or dragging a tool through lines of color

Fluid motion is beautiful perfection,
 a natural flow that can be controlled only to a point — which is a good life lesson. It’s about learning how and when to let go. This karmic exercise is quite therapeutic as well. Positive energy flows through me onto my canvas. 
My art is a book that tells the story of my personal journey. Each painting is a paragraph, each body of work a new chapter. 


b. 1963, Atlanta, Georgia
Lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia

  • 2014Resin Art, Park Towers, Atlanta, GA
  • 2014Live Demonstration, Roswell Art District, Roswell, GA
  • 2014Alternative Abstraction, The Forum Gallery, Atlanta, GA
  • 2013Artist Reception, Synergy Fine Art, Roswell, GA
  • 2015SPECTRUM, Miami SPECTRUM, Miami, FL
  • 2015Primary Colors, Synergy Fine Art, Roswell, GA
  • 2015See | Me Exposure, The Louvre, Paris, France
  • 2014SCOPE | Art Takes Miami, SCOPE Miami, Miami, FL
  • 2014RAW Atlanta, King Plow/Terminal West, Atlanta, GA
  • 2014See |Me Takeover, Times Square, New York, NY
  • 2013Kaleidoscope of Color, Synergy Fine Art, Roswell, GA
  • 2015Wesleyan Artist Market, Wesleyan School, Norcross, GA
900 Hunterhill Dr
Roswell, GA 30075