Jamie Bryan is an unusual illustrator, his work is inspired by sleep deprived adventures through the rural countryside of the UK. Art had always been his passion, but it took him until the end of his sixth form years to realise he could do what he loved for a living. Currently a university student in his third and final year Jamie is seeking opportunities to branch out and connect with the world, to share what he does best. 


I illustrate unusual and intriguing scenarios, creatures and people by hand.

Inspired by vast countryside and woodland walks, my love for pattern and repetition has developed and merged into my artistic style. 
I draw and design this way as its my natural reaction when i use art mediums, its serenity, i could forget what I'm doing but the piece will continue to grow.

 inspiration comes to me naturally when I'm out in the open, surrounded by forests, fields and lakes. I like to work this into my drawings, producing sketches and textures from my surroundings that i can then work into the bigger picture.  

The pen will always be my tool of choice, but i hope to branch out and learn new methods of printmaking.


b. 1992, Birkenhead, United Kingdom