Gerardo Lopez


Gerardo Lopez

As an artist, Gerardo López is influenced by different styles and art movements, from Expressionism and Cubism, to comic books and figurative art. A graduate from Baylor University, Gerardo López has devoted his life to art, working full time as a middle school art teacher, promoting the love of art to new generations, as well as pursuing his own artistic interests. Rather than pursuing a fully realistic image, Gerardo López is more interested in creating an emotional experience for the viewer through portraying images that tell a story or that make reference to his own thoughts and ideas about life. His work shows a variety of styles, from academic figurative imagery, to figurative work leaning towards abstraction, yet always keeping emotions as a basis for his artistic vision.


The art of Gerardo López focuses on his desire to express his ideas on his relationship to the world around him. It may deal with his innermost fears and traumas, what he feels relationships between people should be like, or his own personal connection with his cultural background and surroundings. The work is mostly figurative, although it emphasizes feeling over representation: the "feeling" of the artwork is the artist's truth; his vision of the world around him. This is expressed through various media, from collage and drawing to both colorful and monochromatic painting.


b. 1982, Eagle Pass, Texas
Lives and works in Eagle Pass, Texas

  • 2004Baylor University, BFA
  • 2009Pieces of My Mind: Gerardo López, El Gato Rojo Café, Piedras Negras, Mexico
  • 2008Gerardo López: An Introspective, ARTLAN Art Gallery
  • 2012First International Art Gala, International Center for Trade, Eagle Pass, TX
  • 2012Art in Mainstreet, Molcajete Group, Riskind's Building, Eagle Pass, TX
  • 2012México Mágico, Sala Sergio Peña, Antigua Aduana, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
  • 2012FronterizArte: Nuestra Verdad, Pirámide del Sol, Plaza de las Culturas, Piedras Negras, Mexico
  • 2012FronterizArte: Líneas Paralelas, International Center for Trade
  • 2011FronterizArte: La Hidalgo, Cinépolis, Acuña, Mexico
  • 2011FronterizArte: Trazos de Unión, Centro Cultural de Nuevo Laredo, Sala Reyes Meza, Cadereyta Jiménez, Mexico
  • 2008El Nacimiento del Camino Real, Águila y Serpiente Studios, Eagle Pass Courthouse, Eagle Pass, TX
  • 2004Baylor Printmaking Students Exhibit, Texas A&M University-Central Texas, Killeen, TX
  • 2003Student Art Exhibit, Hooper-Shafer Art Center, Baylor University, Waco, TX
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Eagle Pass, TX 78852