Geraldine Scalia


Geraldine Scalia

   I am walking down the road, or through the woods. And if I stop to look at something further and am drawn-in, something probably stirs in my heart, internally. If I want to transform this moment and vision into a lasting experience then there is a strong pull to memorialize it as a painting. It is an added bonus if the viewer has a similar transcendental experience.      My paintings are not recordings of reality. I certainly don’t detail everything; there are cameras that do that.  In fact, if my work can maintain a captivation with less, usually they say so much more with some magical aspect. There was a reason, for instance, that I choose “those two buildings” or “that tree”.  Often it was the time of day and the light that made the motif more interesting.    
   My work is varied. I am mostly posting observational landscapes.
I am also using this venue to display a few sculptures.  And for further diversity, I plan to create a collection of Drawings that were proposals for 3-D pieces. These were working drawings for potential pieces. I enjoy the use of poetic phraseology that opens the pieces to more levels of interpretation.       
   I appreciate the opportunity of showing my work on this commercial art site.
  I have some images in the "private" section. They are proposals for "Aviary Shrines, Building a Nest Together". Very different than the rest on this site and also to some, erotic. Please inquire if you are interested in viewing these or more of my portfolio.


Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 0York University, Toronto, CA, MFA
  • 0Virginia Commonwealth University, BFA
  • 2015Drawings & Paintings , Jane Street, New York, NY
  • 2015Painitngs & Drawings, CHASE MORGAN STANLEY
  • 2013Artwork by Geraldine Scalia, Mojo Gallery
  • 2001Drawings by Geraldine Scalia on view by appointment , Exhibit A Gallery, SoHo
  • 2015Chardavogne Group Show, AMITY GALLERy, Warwick, NY
  • 2002Designer’s Saturday Stuttgart, Installation Collaborative
  • 1998Ain’t It Funky Now, Henry Street Settlement Louise Abroms Arts Center, New York, NY
  • 1996FRESH A.I.R. at 20, Henry Street Settlement Louise Abroms Arts Center
  • 2016New Museum,
  • 2013Bowery Artist Tribute, New Museum Website - permanent display
  • 2011Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
  • 1985Henry Street Settlement
I am pleased to show you a selection of my artwork. Please write or call me for an appointment and we can set up a time for an in-person or Skype meeting.