Francesca Siano


Francesca Siano

Francesca Siano was born on January 19, 1983 in White Plains, New York and grew up in Woodbury, Connecticut. In 2005, Siano graduated from the University of Connecticut, where she received her BFA in Communication Design with a focus on Fine Art Photography. She also studied for a Summer at Parsons School of Design in NYC, and continues to take various workshops and classes keeping her constantly active and engaged as an artist. Focusing mostly on creating self portraits through Photography and Painting, Siano aims to tell a narrative that captures very personel and intimate moments. Although sometimes working thru abstraction she generally favors realism. Earlier on, Siano had avoided using herself as the subject matter for her art, but then circumstantially it became her only option. The vulnerability in being one's own muse helped her realize her reality which in turn shaped and validated her work. Siano's artwork is shown in group shows through out the tri-state area and resides in various private collections around the U.S. In addition her photograph "Living Room 2" was published in CMYK’s Magazine Portfolio, which showcased the highest selections among thirty contributing institutions. Siano currently resides in both Connecticut and New York City.


I make Art because it is how I visually communicate what feels pertinent and innate. Although I tend to focus mostly on self-portraits, its more of a feeling that I aim to capture. I create to better understand my reality, and to express the meaning of what anchors my attention. Some common threads through out are those of intimacy, secluded honesty, vulnerability, euphoria and an introspective thought into the psyche. My work is about making contact and telling a story thru realism, although the narratives that I choose do not always aim to have a conventional interpretation that can be translated. I am drawn to painting and photography because those indexical mediums are somewhat contradictory and are often considered to have a hot and cold relationship. I like being able to make my mark through the fluidity of paint and from the immediacy of a photograph. I commonly use ornamental devises, such as props, costumes, and the right space to complete the mood I am trying to convey. Depending on the concept, I will decide if it's best suited told through the guise of photography or through painting. Often I make a series that crosses different media combining the varying elements. The chosen medium is really based on how I can evoke the best narrative to convey the notion of solidarity, self-reflection, sexuality, or something of a more surreal nature.


b. 1983
Lives and works in Woodbury, CT

  • 2005University of Connecticut, BFA
I am expanding! Studio is currently under construction and will be up and running towards Fall 2013. Once up and running, I welcome studio visits.

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