Fiona Marchbank


Fiona Marchbank

Fiona grew up in the Northern town of Harrogate on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Bred on a steady diet of colouring pencils and Enid Blyton novels she developed a strong interest in storytelling illustrations.

She then went away to London to study and have epic fun times at the University of Westminster. While there she took part in many fun things including assisting in Gallery Exhibits and working on the experimental Science and Art fusion project Broadvision.

Fiona has returned Yorkshire as a freelancer as well as continuing to work on personal projects and Illustration Zines (and still reads Enid Blyton novels sometimes.)


Fiona is a 24 yr old Freelance Illustrator and Designer in the North East of England. She has a healthy obsession with the 1920s (even sporting her very own bob cut) and That Scottish Play with all the Murder.

Her Illustration shows a fascination with odd colour combinations and shape based drawing, working predominantly in digital mixed media. (Digital with a lot of Traditionally created elements such as Textures and Marks.)

Twitter: @fiona_creates

Fiona is British and currently the contacts info on this site doesn't seem to like that. Best contacted via email found on my portfolio at