Faustine Badrichani


Faustine Badrichani

Painting is my way of comprehending and describing the world around me. Though the descriptive feature of my paintings is not always obvious, my approach is driven by the will to show and explain the world the way I see it. Those descriptions range from places I like, to events that have moved me or situations I have been in. A large space is left for human silhouettes in almost all of my paintings. I have developed those silhouettes while attending Central St Martin School in London a few years back, creating characters who are neither male nor female, and always anonymous. To me, the question is never WHO are those people, but rather what they do, and why they are here. Technically speaking, the use of multiple techniques allows me to convey my vision of the world. My art includes collage of newspapers and magazines, acrylic paint, and oil pastels, and I have started using silk printing and mono printing recently, broadening my tools to express myself.

305 second avenue
Apt 702
New York, NY 10003