Faith Gabel


Faith Gabel

Faith is a graphic, fine and digital artist, as well as a published poet. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing/English from Notre Dame College in Manchester, New Hampshire. While at Notre Dame, she was awarded a scholarship from the Not For Profit organization, Daughters of the American Revolution as well as one from the Sisters of Notre Dame. Faith is also a Paralegal, having obtained her Paralegal Certificate with Distinction from Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. She currently works as a graphic artist for the New York City Department of Finance.


I have been involved in the arts my entire life. I am a published poet, have made mosaic dining room walls, done interior design, and taught modern dance. I studied literature and received my B. A. in Creative Writing and took a job writing public information.   Along the way I taught myself Photoshop and Quark and began designing at work.  I made friends with a number of artists and was encouraged by them to also try painting. When I finally did, painting just seemed like a natural progression.  I joined the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists' Coalition and have had a number of my works exhibited and sold at their Pier Shows, as well as many other venues. Over the last few years, I've branched out into a line of note cards, delved into mixed media and began producing cartoon-like illustrations using ink, acrylics, paper and canvas.  When people ask me where I get the time to produce all this art, as I have a very full life, my answer is always that without making art I wouldn’t be able to accomplish other things in my life. Art keeps me whole and moving forward. It is such a part of my life there is no question as to whether I have the time for such; without art I have no life. The only question for me is what type of art am I producing today.


b. 1949, Brooklyn, New York
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

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