Emily Dierkes


Emily Dierkes

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the painting program at  in 2006, Emily returned to her hometown of Baltimore to pursue her artistic interests and maintains a painting studio in the Hampden neighborhood. She also teaches painting to Baltimore City Public School girls during the summer Middle Grades Partnership program, Growing Girls and Gardens, at Roland Park Country School.
"I paint in oils and acrylic on canvas, panel, and paper, but all series of works I create have a focus on color and framing.  In college, I began two series of painting which I have continually revisited, both based in photography. The first, my Polaroitraits, based on Polaroids, which then morphed into my icon pieces, like those in the Melanoma Madonna series. I also created a series of works from photos of the Occupy movement in Baltimore, DC and New York.  The second series is based on found, vintage photographs I collect on my travels. I visited markets in Moscow and on a trip to Turkey and have recently began a series entitled « HISTORICAL FICTION ». I feel incredibly inspired and motivated in the direction I am heading, and I plan to create a large body of these mixed media pieces."


Lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland

  • 2006Syracuse University, BFA
  • 2006Hiram Gee Award, Syracuse University
  • 2002Thomas Morris Cushing Arts Award, Roland Park Country School
  • 2011Kempinski Artists Programme