Born in Massachusetts and living in San Francisco in the 60’s, I drove to New York in my Volkswagen. While working as a graphic designer, I studied printmaking. Needing more space, I moved to Brooklyn and set up my own printing studio, a press, stones, etc. to print my own editions. Most of the 70’s, I did printmaking and exhibited the prints in many venues. In the 80’s I began to paint and exhibit my work. In 1987, I exhibited in the “Working in Brooklyn” show at the Brooklyn Museum. Margaret Moorman wrote in Newsday: “Humor reigns for a while, aided by Elyse Taylor’s art-historical send-ups, in which Giorgione’s 'Tempest' time travels to Central Park and gets renamed T.G.I.F.” In 1991, I was in Rutger’s Women Artist’s Series, and in 1996 the 25th Anniversary of the Women Artist’s Series.

In 1993, I began my ongoing series “Growing."


“GROWING” is a project composed of over 775 sixteen inch square mixed media pieces on canvas. Each function as an individual work of art, but may be viewed together as a giant wall installation. My life’s personal, spiritual, and political experiences form the common thread unifying this work.The diverse materials employed, including numerous found objects, represent the components which weave life’s fabric.  “GROWING” is a work in progress. 


b. 1942, Boston, MA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2007Growing, First Presbyterian Church, New York, NY
407 Douglass Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217