Donna Hoyle


Donna Hoyle

I am a mixed media artist who focuses on the theme of science, technology, and relationships between organisms and nature. In my artistic process, I include an interdisciplinary approach by combining various materials and processes such as: wood, metal, fabric, casting, painting, drawing, ceramics and non-traditional materials. In addition, I combine elements of computer animation, 3D modeling, sound design and 3D printing in order to create an immersive environment with my sculptural work.   Currently my work is about the investigation of the energy produced while two or more entities interact. I utilized my knowledge in biology and created stylized microbes. These organisms are made to imply movement and are displayed in clusters suggesting tension.  I am also integrating a video animation portion to this work in order to create an active environment. The video is done in layers with a textured background and 3D models made in Maya. These models interact with the background space and the 3D wall sculpture pieces. The installation consists of multiple walls with sculptures and animations. All walls will be synchronized to a surround sound where animating models appear and disappear from one wall to another connecting the space.   In this installation I am looking to create an immersive environment where the viewer is able to connect with the space and create their own narrative on what is surrounding them. Most people go through life not noticing what is happening around them. They are so self involved with their personal life that they are unable to pick up other's energy or situations. People tend to drown themselves in isolation with all their problems and emotions. My work allows the viewers to step away from their personal monologue and visualize what is around them. It also allows them to have moment of reflection. 


Lives and works in Carbondale, Illinois

  • 2016Southern Illinois University Carbondale, MFA
  • 2013University of West Georgia, BFA
  • 2009Georgia Highlands College, Certificate
  • 2014Subverting Abstract , Vergett Gallery , Carbondale, IL
  • 2013Unusual Discoveries, Outdoor , Carrollton, GA
  • 2013Demersal Zone , UWG Gallery II, Carrollton, GA
  • 2015Earthy Abstraction , Exhibition, Fayetteville, NC
  • 2015EAFA 2015 Abstract Exhibition , Juried, Seattle, WA
  • 2015C4 Critical Forum, Juried , Carbondale, IL
  • 2014C4 members only , SIUC Museum , Carbondale, IL
  • 2013Fluidity , Union Street Gallery
  • 2012Western Edge , Kibble Gallery , Atlanta, GA
  • 2012Annual Juried Exhibition , Bobick Gallery , Carrollton, GA
  • 2012Earth Ceramic Sculpture , Henry M. Kashiwa Eco Gallery , Old Forge, NY
  • 20128th annual International Online , Art Kudos , Brandon, WI
  • 2011Paperworks Exhibition , b.j Spoke Gallery , Huntington, NY