Derek Lerner


Derek Lerner

Born 1974, Jacksonville, FL; Derek Lerner is a New York City-based artist with a BFA degree from the Atlanta College of Art. His work explores systems: the creation, control, and use of them. architectonic. power, media, information, misinformation, semantics, sociology, culture: counter-culture/over the counter culture, chaos, order, law, code, organized crime, databases, marketing, consumerism, transportation, etc. Lerner has shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IL, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City, the Centre d’Exposition de Val-d’Or in Quebec, Canada, BAM: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Robert Henry Contemporary in NY, and Tomoya Saito Gallery in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan.


My work explores systems: their creation, use and control. In 1994 I became interested in human interaction with technology and nonlinear information. Much of my work that followed dealt with the internet and code. My investigations made me increasingly intrigued with the relationships between perception and coded language. I began to explore the organization and chaos of complex systems, including tax evasion, the metaverse, money laundering, sock puppets and astroturfing, identity theft, the technological singularity, and most recently waste, urbanism, pathogens and poisons. My interpretations of these kinds of information spaces are motivated by my daily visual intake and life experiences. Power, information, misinformation, semantics, sociology, counter-culture/over the counter culture, identity, order, code, crime, consumerism, economics- these are the topics that drive my thinking and the production of my work.


b. 1974, Jacksonville, FL
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 1995Atlanta College of Art, BFA
  • 2012Derek Lerner, RHV Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2003ONEHUNDREDEIGHT Freestyle Drawings On Cardboard, Tomoya Saito Gallery
  • 2012The 15 Year Anniversary Retrospective, Young Blood Gallery
  • 2012Mapping the Equivocal, Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2010Select Media Festival 9: Infoporn II, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
  • 2010Draw, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 2010Telepresence, Conflux Festival, New York, NY
346B Morgan Ave.
Studio I
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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