Davina Hsu


Davina Hsu

As an artist I am a situation creator, the central figures of my work, portraits, are meant to confront the viewers with their insecurities, therefore making the viewers think about their own shortcomings. Painting professionally since 2006, my experience began in graphic and fashion design, so balance and glamour are the primary tools in my work. My main medium is hand-mixed oil colors, acrylic and self designed patterns printed on silk paper. My goal is to create a dialogue of feelings between subject and viewer, those emotions include fears, passions and vulnerabilities. I create personalities with my work, in my process I scan through images, take photographs - searching for intriguing faces, almost like an audition for the person or character that I have in my mind. Often my realistic portraits are juxtaposed with abstracted designs meant to mirror the mental state of my figures. I want people to reflect on themselves, to make everything personal, to feel as if they are being seen and watched. If a viewer feels as if they have had a personal emotional experience with one of my characters - I have achieved the point of my work.

305 Stanhope St