Dave Choate


Dave Choate

Dave Choate is a self taught Fine Artist and a native of Connecticut. His education and background is in Finance and Real Estate and it wasn't until his early forties that he decided to change careers and pursue a life in the arts. Dave has a studio in Shelton, Connecticut and is busy preparing for shows this Fall in New York City. His clients include Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, George Lopez, Eric Stangel, Andrew Ferenci and Taylor Caby.


Before I even picked up a brush, I saw myself as an abstract painter. I loved the crisp lines and rectangles of Ellsworth Kelly and Barnett Newman as well as the Jazz cutouts by Matisse. While doing the blocking of the initial paintings I would often see the shape and lines of a human face. I didn’t really know where I was going with the painting and was always open to trying something new. Following that path, I added some details to the face and what ended up happening was a portrait with a hint of geometric shapes. My work seems to appeal to those who have a healthy ego. I think the angles and the strong lines have something to do with that. Frank Sinatra once said "Cock your hat - angles are attitude." Being self taught has absolutely been a help to defining my own style. I don’t have a professor’s voice in my head telling me that I have to stay within the lines. I don’t know what the lines are – and I don’t want to know.