Daniel Rosenbaum


Daniel Rosenbaum

The Katrina hurricane was a natural disaster but it was compounded by the disastrous government mishandling by Fema director Michael Brown, hence my piece about the Superdome in New Orleans. My concerns are about natural disasters and man made disasters occuring in our era. Destroying a mountaintop for coal, the havoc of Katrina, from ground zero to the Haiti earthquake, these are times of natural upheaval and lack of human foresight. I download images form the internet, adjust them and print them out using archival inks and paper.Then I mount them on linen or thick board and paint on them using acrylic paint aiming to change reflections of tragedy into an aesthetic experience. Despite the negative connotations of this subject, I use bright colors so they are not just sympathetic reflections of suffering.

315 berry street
new york, NY 11249