Daniel Hauben


Daniel Hauben

I am a product of the urban environment. As a child raised in New York City, I was perpetually confronted by it's urban geometry in all its order and disorder. Looking out my window I saw other windows, and buildings just like mine, with their brick veneer punctuated by windows, doors and fire escapes, and fringed on top with a haphazard intersection of antennae and water towers. I watched as the shadows shifted during the course of the day revealing new patterns of darks and lights. Ours is a world full of wonder and mystery, planned yet chaotic. In all my work I seek to discover and retain an underlying logic. In my city-scapes I seek some 'method' to the urban ‘madness’, and in my landscapes I also explore the unifying patterns that are inherent in nature’s randomness.


b. 1956
Lives and works in Bronx, NY

  • 1984School of Visual Art, BFA
3400 Fort Independence Street Apt. 2H
Bronx, NY 10463