Dana James


Dana James

I am a New York City native currently residing in a storefront space in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in painting in 2008. My work is inspired by imagined and naive notions of unfamiliar places. I am interested in the personification of masses, through illustrating obscured groups of people, patterns and movements in order to depict how others would perceive them from afar. The imagery, often objects or landscapes rather than the corporeal, is a countenance of locality and history, as well as a confluence of manmade beauty and metaphysical conditions. The process in my paintings is crucial to the amalgamation technique that is significant to both content and form. My primary technique involves distributing color and texture by pouring materials in sections to create a representational image that appears to be constantly moving and coalescing.


My paintings are based on portraying circumstances with naive and imagined notions. The rural subject matter in my work --ultimately so contrary to my life-long personal surroundings--begins to inherit an unearthly, sci-fi feel. The deployment and fluidity of the paint allows the texture to be autonomous, expressing a deliberate but natural amalgamation of worldly entities. Operating within this spectrum of the real and imaginary, my pieces naturally involve the conception of characters and fictions. I am currently attempting to capture the visual phenomenon that naivety allows within the imagination, in order that we may connect opposing objects--whether they are worldly and otherworldly, natural and industrial, or otherwise--which appear so distinctly unrelated to each other, as existing on the same visual plane.


b. 1986
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

100 hart street
Apt 5D
Brooklyn , NY 11206