Cynthia Duncan


Cynthia Duncan

Cynthia J. Duncan was born in Dar-es-Salaam, East Africa. She lived in many different cultures as a child and throughout her life including Kenya, Ethiopia and Hong Kong. It was out of this diverse range of life experiences that the language of her art and the expressiveness of color and intense abstract strokes of paint, began to evolve into the rich narrative it is today.
She has been taught all the disciplines of fine art, from art college to private instruction; true abstraction is the most succinct way for her to convey her thoughts, feelings and observations.  Her mediums are oils on canvas and wood, as well as watercolors on paper and board.


My paintings are a reflection of life; a concentration of reality and sometimes a confluence of both. Whether it be a moment of profound importance or a chuckle borne from an instance of amusement and everything in between.
I paint from a place deep within, where thoughts and emotions cannot be translated into words, which is why I say the way to view my work, is to "listen with your eyes."

Cynthia J. Duncan

480 Gate 5 Road
Studio 282
Sausalito, CA 94965
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