Cody Lyon


Cody Lyon

Based in the San Francisco, CA, Cody has been designing, animating, and illustrating for 15 years. Cody studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in the fields of Illustration and 3D Animation. He is currently thoroughly enjoying freelancing and making magic with his best friend as the male half of HOUND Illustration.  While he loves drawing almost anything he can imagine, Cody's passion for animals naturally leans him towards the fields of animal anatomy and creature design. He specializes in complex perspectives and environments, as well as the menacing monsters that inhabit them. Cody has done work for numerous companies, schools, and interested individuals, and has had several jobs in animation and visual development for short films in both live action and animation. He loves doing things he has never tried before, and facing new and exciting challenges every day.


I spent my childhood years in rural western Colorado, surrounded by as much inspiration as one human could absorb without bursting. My love for snapping claws and gnashing teeth forced its way through my shortened pencils in the form of braining fantastic beasts and murderous creatures. My work uses severe contrast and perspectives to accent the raw and powerful forms of the monsters I create, both real and fictional. My art is merely a means to release the ghosts swarming in my skull, and without it, I would just have a whole mess of ghosts in my head. Nobody wants that.