Christine Palamidessi


Christine Palamidessi

Christine Palamidessi is a sculptor and painter working in Somerville, MA. She earned a BA in Film and Writing at University of Pittsburgh and a MA in Creative Writing at Boston University. She studied mask-making and sculpture in Venice, Rome and Lecce, Italy. Her body crests and breastplates have been exhibited in Boston’s State House and galleries in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh and are in collections in Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Italy.  “Grandmothers,” her memoir is engraved in granite and  installed as public art at Jackson Square, on the Orange Line, in Boston. She is author of two novels and has worked as a book and fiction editor. As an adjunct professor at Boston University for twelve years,  Palamidessi taught writing and courses in Ethnic Literature. She has received numerous awards including a Barbara Demming Award for Women Writers, a public art UrbanArt award, and a Dante Alighieri Fellowship.

Palamidessi's sculptures celebrate the part of the body that we touch when we speak of our Self. She uses the torso as an interpretive solution for the internal universe; skin being the boundary for time and space and the container for the soul.  


MY WORK: I am using the torso as an interpretive solution for the internal universe, exploring the movement of Self and its relationship to place, time, color, memory and breath.

My PINEAPPLE METANOIA paintings are an extension of my writer's life. A dozen years ago I wrote a novel about life on a pineapple plantation; when I turned to the visual arts the novel became a quad painting.

The LINE DRAWINGS OF JAZZ MUSICIANS have been very popular. I sit in nightclubs, absorb the energy and the zen of the music and blind draw with black ink.


b. 1951, Western , Pennsylvania
Lives and works in Boston, MA

  • 1995Boston University, MA
  • 1975University of Pittsburgh, BA
  • 2012"Sisters", Gallery on Main Street
  • 2014Artist's Choice, Somerville Musuem, Cambridge, MA
  • 2014The Power of the Power of Suggestions, Alpers Fine Art Gallery, Andover, MA
  • 2014Myths & Ledgends, Annemarie Sculpture Garden, Solomons, MD
  • 2013New England Collective , Galatea Gallery
  • 2013Artist's Choice, Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA
  • 2012Boston Linked In, North River Gallery
  • 2012Redefined, Reisenkoff Gallery
  • 2011Boston State House, Redefined
  • 2011Window-ing, Broadway 324 Gallery, Cambridge, MA
  • 2004i migliori, Pirandello Lyceum
  • 1996Barbara Deming Award for Women Writers, Barbara Deming Memorial fund
  • 1996Fellowship to Study in Rome, Dante Alighieri Society
  • 1995UrbanArts Award, Boston MBTA
  • 2014BAU Otranto, Puglia, Italy
20 Vernon Street
Studio #89
Somerville, MA 02145
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