casper smith


casper smith

Casper Smith currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


My work is a response to pop iconography both past and present. I attempt to show the aging of pop images through the catalyst of, what I consider, the new popular form; graffiti and urban art. Through layering of collage, de-collage, spray-paint, dirt, acrylic paint and inks, amongst other mediums I create a textured base to display recognizable imagery. The goal is to present this imagery in a way that is both interesting to look at in detail as well as from a distance. While most of my work is on canvas I want the paintings to be appreciated as a three dimensional object. Every aspect of the surface of my pieces, from the edges of the canvas to the layers of paint and torn paper, is meant to incite a feeling of age and weathering along with an appreciation of a fine art object. Above all, I want to chuckle to myself and have a smile on my face while I’m working and that joy instills itself into paintings.


b. 1982, Pound Ridge, NY
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2006University of Colorado Boulder, BA
  • 2013Casper Smith, The Owl Farm, New York, NY
  • 2011Casper Smith, DIY Gallery, Watertown, CT
  • 2015framing chidhood, azart gallery, New York, NY
  • 2014small works show, AZArt gallery, New York, NY
  • 2014a beautiful crime show 2, read's art space, Watertown, CT
  • 2011A Beautiful Crime Show, Read's Art Space, Watertown, CT
  • 2011Back Room, NuArt Gallery, Watertown, CT
  • 2010DIY Group Show, DIY Gallery, Watertown, CT
94 9th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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