Brooke Moyse


Brooke Moyse

I am interested in creating works in which the primary subject is the act of looking, and where that process slowly unfolds with time. This idea translates physically into playful marks and gestures that allude to architecture, nature, and film, marking light and space through a casual and straight-forward gesture. I work on multiple pieces of varying sizes and materials simultaneously; a method that allows the works to talk to one another while developing their own individuality. The goal is to create an experience for the viewer in which the feeling of being present is heightened, and the artwork’s energy flows beyond the borders of the canvas. I am interested in the way in which religion and spirituality have been key motivators or filters for art throughout history, and my artistic practice becomes a way to bring different movements and time periods into the present. I take on various artists or art historical movements, engaging in conversations with them through my work. At times it starts to feel like a performance of art making in which I am trying on different methodologies and then translating them into my own language. Mostly though, I am looking, anticipating, and scraping together an environment through my work, that is simultaneously funny, serious, poetic, and without boundaries

425 Stockholm Street
Apt. 1
Brooklyn, NY 11237