Brian Potter


Brian Potter

Brian Potter has painted professionally for over 20 years. After receiving a BA in psychology from Vassar College, he was thoroughly trained in figurative painting at The National Academy of Design and The Art Students League, where he won many scholarships. His interest in psychology nuanced his highly descriptive paintings of people in various settings. These paintings were shown in New York and Santa Fe galleries. Eventually, he experimented with Abstract painting, and realized a freedom to explore many new qualities in color, texture, design, etc. His work ranges from highly geometric to very loose, and expressionistic. He has had shows with his abstract art also in New York and Santa Fe, and is represented by the Gemini Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.


I see abstract art as having almost limitless possibilities -and my plan is to explore these possibilities as thoroughly as possible. While it is usual for most artists to find a style and then refine it through variations- i hope to reference, or create as many abstract styles as possible-in order to create a strong coherent range. To me this has something to do with the essence of abstraction- to distill essences as the basis for imagery- and to experiment with these essential qualities in different combinations; the results can lead down different paths, and one of my challenges is integrating these paths wherever possible. In time, through experience along these lines, I hope to invent much new imagery and expand upon my ideas. Ideas are very important to me. Once i establish an idea in a painting, i try to move forward and build on this idea- perhaps adding more ideas - or shifting along dimensional lines. This allows my painting to evolve organically and spontaneously. I prefer this, rather than following a plan from beginning to end. Ultimately, I hope to tell my story of abstract visual thought -which explores ideas and their expression. Some of the issues explored are: structure, shape, space, design, proportion, color, texture, sensuality, and paint itself.


b. 1970, New York, NY
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 1992Vassar College, BA
  • 2015The Gallery Hotel, Greenport, N.Y.
  • 2015VAM art, Gallery, Woodbridge Township, NJ
  • 2015Gemini Gallery, ., Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • 2015The Global Art Company, Worldwide
200 West 99 Street
New York, NY 10025