Ben Boothby


Ben Boothby

Ben Boothby, a Maine native, currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He received his BA in Studio Art from Wesleyan University, Connecticut, in 1997. He then returned to Maine, where he showed regularly at The Gallery at 356 Main, Rockland. Later on he moved to Washington DC and showed at Susan Calloway Fine Art. After a brief stint in Iceland, he moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University, where he earned his MFA in 2011.


These paintings are built entirely from my memories of architectural moments. The architecture is a mnemonic structure that holds a multitude of conflicting memories and emotions from that space. Through this study of the architectural nature of my memories, I am creating visualizations of the way memories exist in all of our minds. Memory’s visual nature is based on layers of spatial ambiguities and shifting degrees of focus, combined with scattered representational details. Memory exists in a state of flux, when we try to pin it down, to hold it for a second so we can examine the details, it will not sit still. I strive to capture the pulsation of a memory as it vibrates in self-contradictions and shifting contexts. The other key visual characteristic of memory is repetition. It is the way we strengthen memories, and its layered associative nature becomes a series of looping visuals.


b. 1975, , Maine
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2011Academy of Art University, MFA
  • 1997Wesleyan University, BS
808 Driggs Ave
Apt #2A
Brooklyn, NY 11211