Barbara McGivern


Barbara McGivern

Barbara McGivern went to the Ontario College of Art and Design, Experimental Art, I also did work shops with Eric Fischel and Susan Rothenberg... McGivern's work is large and ambitious... and often controversial. They are designed to move spectators and embolden walls, and they spark a reaction wherever they are positioned, either in a museum, private or corporate collection.


My work is abstract and was inspired by the deserts of Oman and the UAE I found them to be full colour like I had never seen and the sparkle of the sand and the cluster of the dunes adds my use of real gold leaf and swarovski crystals. These add a different and exciting element to my paintings. I find using real gold, not as a precious metal but a colour as I use at least 4 different colour gold adding richness that could never be be achieved by any other material. I paint over it drip on it and sometimes just cover it ... Through my travels I have done commissions for the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel and Swarovski Crystals, Dubai... My favorite colour is red as it evokes a passion and a sense of warmth but by using many layers and different reds it creates an adventure just to go into the painting. I am very spontanious with my work and work from memory from all my travels

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