Ashley Alioto


Ashley Alioto

Ashley Alioto is a Brooklyn photo-realism food artist.  Born and raised in downtown Brooklyn, Ashley has always had a passion for culinary arts.  She began her career working in pastry kitchens of fine dining restaurants throughout New York City including restaurant Daniel and Le Bernardin.  Interested in further developing her artistic skills, Ashley began creating sugar and chocolate sculptures.  After joining a pottery and oil painting studio, Ashley was influenced by artist and studio director Joel Loeper to begin oil painting.  Currently, Ashley is a member of Brooklyn Art Space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Ashley’s realistic oil paintings attempt to capture that moment when a person becomes fixated on a food and cannot help but "lick their lips".  Several of her paintings are featured at restaurants and cafes in New York City.


I am a Brooklyn based artist specializing in food focused photo-realism oil paintings. I have a fascination with the amount of power that a single food item can hold over a person's emotions. Sentiment, comfort, obsession, temptation,and seduction can all be triggered by an image of food.  My realistic oil paintings examine the various textures of foods.  I especially enjoy capturing the way lighting effects an image.  My paintings attempt to pin point the moment when a food item becomes irresistible. 


b. 1988, Brooklyn, New York
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

168 7th street
brooklyn, NY 11215