Arlene Rush


Arlene Rush

Arlene Rush, an internationally know artist, exhibits her work extensively in galleries, universities and museums, throughout the US, Asia and Europe. This year she had a one person show, Twins: Just a Memory at Michael Mut Gallery on the LES, NYC and has been included in several group exhibitions at: Milton Art Museum, Canton Mass; in NYC, Smart Clothes Gallery, ISE Cultural Foundation, Gallery 304, & Sikkema Jenkins Gallery. In 2012, her work appeared in various shows at: Fountain Art Fair-Miami, RUSH Art Gallery, – whose name reflects one of life’s ironic coincidences but no nepotism, Steven Kasher, Cheim & Read, White Box, and Boricua College - La Galeria in New York City. In 2011 she was awarded the Pat Hearn & Colin De Land Foundation Grant and The Center for Emerging Visual Artist awarded her a residency in 1988 to Barcelona, Spain. Her work is in various collections among which are: Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center- West Side, New York, NY, Joe Baio, New York, NY, Pavel Zoubok, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY, MOMA, Wales, UK, MUBE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mark Golden, GOLDEN Artist Paint, Berlin, NY, Robert H. Chaney, Houston, TX, ARCO Chemical, Newton Square, PA, The Center For Emerging Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA, Seligman & Latz, Inc. New York, NY, Library of Congress, Great Hall, Thomas Jefferson Bldg., Washington, DC, Koenig Iron Works, Inc. New York, NY, Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, New York, NY, American Medical Association, New York, NY, Marke Communications, New York, NY. She has been reviewed in numerous publications including The New York Times, Newsday, Rheinische Post, Aktuell, The New Yorker, Stadtmagazin. Her art is recognized as a creature of its era – a time of sameness in diversity. Art reviewer S. Blomen-Radermacher, states in Germany’s Rheinische Post “…there is no self-dramatization or egocentricity in her work, … free of all attributes.” Also she had taught art and she lives & works in Chelsea NY.


My work reflects the idea that the individual is part of an inter-dependent whole. The sculptures and photo-based images are reduced to an object of thought, taking the viewers out of their conventional reality, denying the "real" while simultaneously affirming it. In both my sculpture and the photo-based work, I meld the genders and explore the perceptions that society has towards sexual characteristics, color, age, and roles. My relationship with my male fraternal twin is a springboard into investigating the ideas around gender, beauty, self-image and aging. By means of photography I transform myself through using Photoshop, substituting my face to merge with someone else’s, while at the same time distancing myself from the images. The work depicts outsized enigmatic figures, in which I incorporate myself into photos & art historical references as both male and female. In the act of being someone else I thereby create multiple layers of meaning behind each image. Not autobiographical the images are at once insightful and amusing, alarming and poignant, holding a mirror up to contemporary society. In a exhibition catalogue for the show LOCUS, Michelle Falkenstein writes, “Arlene Rush’s self-portrait busts draw you so strongly into their materiality that they defuse interest in the details of the specific human being depicted. For her Twin series, Rush subverts assumptions about gender, age and kinship, implying a continuum and relationship both artistic & genetic."

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