Andrea Caldarise


Andrea Caldarise

Andrea Caldarise’s artwork is inspired by urban explorations, memories, and conversations. Her drawings focus on mapping by recreating a landscape through line, color, and memory. Working in oil bar and gouache, she expresses the psychological connection between mapping our familiar routes and unique memories associated with environment. Imagery oscillates from literal to abstract, charting the ephemeral feeling of a place. Caldarise attended Tyler School of Art and has participated in residencies at Contemporary Artists Center, Woodside, Troy, NY and Yale School of Art’s summer fellowship, Norfolk, CT. She has exhibited in Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY and Rome, Italy. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Inspired by urban explorations, personal memories, déjà vu, and conversations, my artwork maps an emotional discovery of place. The composition of each work uses titled perspective with animated lines mimicking the energy of an cityscape.  

The experience of living in a city, commuting through its chaos influences my collage and drawing. Gathering inspiration from a collaboration with the dance company, RealLivePeople, my artwork delves into the psychological connection of familiar routes and their collective memories. These mixed media drawings map spatial and emotional experiences anchored by a specific memory. Each work details the sights, sounds, textures, and energy of one day that are all linked by proximity to a particular experience with others. The maps begin at one specific moment, and branch out from that fixed point to chart the details, which define the uniqueness of that memory. Maps act both as a personal guide, and as a visual atlas for viewers to experience their own recollections through the journeys of others. 
The working process of referencing a memory, to the actual space creates a tension of new and old, remembered versus imagined resulting in a composite image. The imagery oscillates from literal to abstract as it strives to chart an ephemeral feeling of place and the concrete symbols that identify a place.


Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2013University of Pennsylvania, MA
  • 2009Tyler School of Art, Temple University, BFA
  • 2013Workings in Synthetics, Soup Kitchen Cafe, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2013Members Show, Ice Box Project Space, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2013Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside, Troy, NY
  • 2010 Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside, Troy, NY
  • 2008Ellen Batell Stoekel Fellowship, Yale University, Norfolk, CT