Amy Stock


Amy Stock

Amy is currently an Interior Design student at the University of Cincinnati's college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. She has a large focus on making the details enhance the bigger picture in a work.


One of my goals in creating is to make something that may or may not make total sense on the first look, but in deeper examination reveals details that show how it was made, or just make it more aesthetically appealing. Common ways I do this are through the use of fine, clean lines that cannot be seen from a distance, texturing a model or sculpture in a unique way, and paying attention to the connections between different elements. I create all kinds of things: paintings, models, sketches, diagrams, greeting cards, photos—all for the same purposes. To get better at my craft, to create something I’m proud of, and to give myself a chance to create.


b. 1994
Lives and works in Cincinnati, OH

  • 2017University of Cincinnati - Main Campus, BS
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