Alexander Carter


Alexander Carter

My name is Alexander Ward Carter, but you can call me Alex. I was born in Carroll, IA on August 3, 1993. I decided to go to the Creative Center, and that's where it all started. I fell in love with the computer and being able to create whatever my mind could imagine. I love trying to come up with new creative ways to do something that has been done thousands of times over. Now with my expanding knowledge, I have endless ideas and ambition to keep creating something new. Everyday brings a new task to learn from, ultimately making myself better. I strive to do my best work and have a positive attitude from start to finish.


Creation is my key to happiness. Graphic design allows me to process all my ideas and display them visually for other people to see. Advertising is a major part of what I do. Trying to pull someone in with a strong enough visual to get them to stop and read all the details it actually contains. Trying to make your product stand out from its competitor who is always sitting right next to it is the hardest task but thats what makes it exciting. I love bold in your face advertising. Strong headlines with exciting graphic elements to pull it together.


b. 1993
Lives and works in Omaha, NE

  • 2013creative center, Certificate