Adam Sperling

Adam Sperling is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His photography and photo based mixed media works deals with themes of decay and decomposition. Sperling’s work is influenced by his career as a art restorer and conservationist. Despite the inevitable truth that all things will eventually degrade, Sperling’s work seeks to find the beautiful inspiring moments within that process.


I work with photographs—objects typically considered to preserve the transitory. However, my goal is to strip the photographs of their original time and place. Using my own photography and timeworn found photographs, I construct fresh moments and narratives while ultimately calling attention to an object and the impermanence of an image. Through ripping, burning, collaging and utilizing a variety of transfer methods, I break down the material elements of the photographs and physically reform them into new objects with new physical life and significance—a cycle which reflects the natural progression of all life.

Humans make much of our world; we build walls, construct spaces, demolish and rebuild. Inevitably, however, humans are incapable of creating anything that is impermeable to natural decay and disintegration. Indeed, nothing is permanent and all things are in a constant state of change. Despite conservatory efforts and the use of new technologies and materials, nothing stands still. My goal is to collect and reimagine these discarded fragments to reconstruct them as new objects.

515 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
I am available to offer studio visits. Contacting me by my phone via call or text is fine.