Adam Brouillette


Adam Brouillette

I was born in the midwest in 1980. I grew up in the suburbs, spending most of my time making forts, playing legos, watching cartoons, and drawing. As time went on, I realized how much I've been sculpted by these factors, I've embraced them, and found ways to utilize them. Those interests eventually landed me in Columbus, OH to attend  in 2002, my personal artwork has lead me to all sorts of opportunities and I continue to create. My work has been exhibited in galleries, institutions, and museums including the Riffe Center, the Wexner Center for the Arts, the Mahan Gallery, Otterbien University, Ohio State University, 78th Street Studios, and the Columbus Museum of Art.


I view my work as modern narrative, akin to Caravaggio or Corbet, only knowing what we have learned from modern illustration, and advertising. I like to use the explosion of color and design that is inherent in advertising and cartoons, to convey, in a simple fashion, the broader ideas of social and personal philosophy, ideas of scientific theory and discovery, and commentary on life as I see it. I try to use these graphic creations to tell stories that people can relate to. I use characters and images that people can understand in the hopes of creating a connection.

I take great pride in my craft. My training as a printmaker has taught me to determine the end product and work step by step in creating an image, eliminating mistakes in each layer before moving on to the next. I try to negate brushstroke and painterly marks in an effort to remove distractions from the narrative. My images are flat, graphic representations of various characters, each serving their purpose in the storytelling. I am diligent about my use of color and the moods and tones it sets. I pay attention to how colors and shapes I am using interact with one another. Much as designers and advertisers use grahics, shapes and colors to effect moods and desires, I strive to create paintings that can be easily accessed and accepted by a viewer and allow them to enter the discussion of the single frame narrative. It is from there that I hope they find meaning and begin their discussion with the piece.


b. 1980, Munster , IN
Lives and works in Columbus, OH

  • 2002Columbus College of Art and Design, BFA
  • 2013Shape of the World,, University of Wisconsin, Rice Lake, WI
  • 2009Mass Appeal, Mahan Gallery, Columbus, OH
  • 2008This is Serious, Keep a Straight Face, Otterbein Univeristy, Westerville, OH
  • 2013Beyond the Brick,, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH
  • 2009New Narratives, Riffe Center, Columbus, OH
  • 2009Mates of State, Root Art Center, Mount Vernon, OH
  • 2011Emerging Arts Leader, Greater Columbus Arts Council
937 Burrell
Grandview Heights , OH 43212